To access all the latest updates, features & functionality we strongly advise that you use API v2

API v1 Has Been Deprecated

To access all the latest updates, features & functionality we strongly advise that you use API v2


This API call returns the user's public details along with its relevant metadata.




  • XML
  • JSON


  • username is the vzaar login name for the user. Note: This must be the actual username and not the email address.


  • None

HTTP Methods

  • GET


  • Not Required


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <period month="integer" year="integer">integer</period>


  • author_name - This is the vzaar user name (i.e. their login)
  • author_id - This is the vzaar user id
  • author_url - This is a link to the vzaar user summary page
  • author_account - This is a number representing the user's vzaar account.
  • created_at - This is the date time the video was uploaded. Will be in UTC format
  • video_count - This is the number of active videos in the user's account
  • play_count - This will be the number of times the user's videos have been played
  • bandwidth_this_month - This will be a number representing bandwidth from the current month
  • bandwidth/period - This will be the params representing bandwidth for a given month (last 13 months with bandwidth > 0 will be presented)
  • videos_total_size - This will be a number representing total size of stored videos




<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <period month="3" year="2014">97123912</period>
  <period month="2" year="2014">34222572</period>
  <period month="1" year="2014">91212432</period>
  <period month="12" year="2013">53453423</period>
  <period month="11" year="2013">28532423</period>
  <period month="10" year="2013">3492323</period>
  <period month="9" year="2013">2084925</period>
  <period month="8" year="2013">19385373</period>
  <period month="7" year="2013">9275293</period>
  <period month="6" year="2013">923423427</period>
  <period month="5" year="2013">29324423</period>
  <period month="4" year="2013">9742342</period>
  <period month="3" year="2013">92352342</period>

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