To access all the latest updates, features & functionality we strongly advise that you use API v2

API v1 Has Been Deprecated

To access all the latest updates, features & functionality we strongly advise that you use API v2


This API call allows a user to request a GUID and an AWS S3 signature. With these credentials the user will then be able upload a file into vzaar video storage area.

The response for this must be parsed and used in the Upload step. The upload will fail if any of these details are incorrect.




  • XML
  • JSON


  • None


  • success_action_redirect string - Specifies if to redirect to a URL after a successful post instead of issuing a 201. See the 'upload' documentation for more details on this.
  • max_file_size integer - Specifies the maximum file size (in bytes) to limit the upload too. This gets written into the policy document
  • flash_request string - Allows you to use a flash uploader

HTTP Methods

  • GET


  • Required


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


  • guid - The vzaar global unique identifier
  • key - A name for the S3 object that will store the uploaded file’s data
  • https - To be confirmed
  • acl - The access control policy to apply to the uploaded file
  • bucket - The vzaar bucket2) that has been allocated for this file
  • policy - A Base64-encoded policy document that applies rules to file uploads sent by the S3 POST form. This document is used to authorize the form, and to impose conditions on the files that can be uploaded.
  • expirationdate - A Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) timestamp that specifies when the policy document will expire. Once a policy document has expired, the upload will fail
  • acesskey - The vzaar AWS Access Key Identifier credential
  • signature - A signature value that authorizes the form and proves that only vzaar could have created it. This value is calculated by signing the policy document




<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <policy>ewogICAgICAnZ ... JywgIF0KICAgICAgfQ==</policy>

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